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Mayan Religion

The Maya worldview was based on the concept that all phenomena are governed by one god, Itzamnaaj. This god, the creator of the world, assumed universal jurisdiction. Maya beliefs also place a great emphasis on the importance of natural science and the study of nature. This understanding of the universe is a fascinating perspective into the Maya culture. It explains why they possessed a unique sense of order.

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The Maya used rituals to sanctify their bodies and surroundings. Some of these included bloodletting. Those who were sacrificed were often war victims, and the act represented the return of life to the earth and to the deities. The deities were considered life-providers to the Mesoamerican people and sacrificed their bodies to appease them. For instance, human sacrifice was commonplace in the ancient Maya. The structures of Structure O-13, an archaeological site in the Yucatan, are decorated with obsidian blades and bloodletting utensils. These vessels and utensils lined the path leading to the main room. The resulting blood was then burned.know more from 8xmovie 9xmovie

The pantheon of the Maya was vast. In addition to the Maya gods, there were also many other gods, such as Buluc Chabtan, the god of war, violence, and sudden death. The goal of this prayer was to stay on Buluc Chabtan’s good side. The Maya considered blood to be the ultimate gift to the gods, so many people gave their lives to appease this god on a regular basis. see more here Soap2Day

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