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Gamechicken Philippine Currently recording the number of members New88 Great participation. Not only does it provide a variety of bets, but it also offers very high rewards, creating prize hunting opportunities for bettors. Please take a few minutes to explore the online cockfighting entertainment section before registering to experience it!
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Gamechicken Philippine What is that?

Gamechicken Philippine is an online entertainment product produced by bookmaker New88 in collaboration with WS168 and DIG. This place specializes in livestreaming and opening bets on matches for bettors to bet on. If the result is correctly predicted, the account will receive a reward according to the corresponding ratio.

Currently, cockfighting is a form of cockfighting Philippine rated by longtime players as highly attractive. Details are as follows:

Cockfighting with round spurs

This is a country famous for forms of cockfighting using weapons. In particular, round spurs have a compact appearance, are curved at the tip and are sharpened to an extremely sharp point. They have the ability to puncture any part upon contact, the most dangerous being the eyes because they will make the opponent “blind”.

Knife cockfighting

Form of cockfighting Philippine Knife spurs have a smaller number of matches but receive a lot of attention from the cockfighting community. This weapon is extremely sharp, easily cutting flesh and severing any parts that come into direct contact. Wounds caused by knife spurs are very difficult to heal, especially endangering the life of the fighting cock.

The irresistible attraction from cockfighting Philippine at New88

After switching to online form, this form of fighting has been taken to a new level by the house. Let’s explore the quality that this betting space brings in the following review.

Extremely direct

The arena arranges the best cameras and audio recording equipment. Every dramatic and beautiful moment when the rooster attacks are recorded clearly. In particular, the sound transmitted to the ears of online followers is also very realistic.

Easy-to-understand interface

Cockfighting page Philippine online has 2 halls WS168 and DIG as minimalist as possible. The layout of the betting interface is friendly and neat, so even first-time players can easily place orders. Therefore, bettors do not take too much time to get used to the operations on the website.

Huge number of matches

Currently, the house offers dozens, hundreds of matches every day for bettors to freely experience. Just use a phone or computer connected to the network, you can participate in betting all day to increase your income.

Selection of fighting chickens

Partner providing cockfighting entertainment services Philippine of New88 all possess a team of experienced experts. Therefore, they always evaluate the selection process very strictly. That’s why every live match on the site brings an indescribably high level of attraction and drama.

Good customer service

In particular, the services the house provides are the key points that make bettors interested in the website. Details are as follows:
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  • Supports app features that can be installed on phones to help members experience anytime, anywhere.
  • The information security system is very good, helping players feel secure in their betting experience without worrying about personal data leaking.
  • Support cockfighters to play cockfighting Philippine Deposit and withdraw money using many different methods. Not only that, the transaction process also happens super quickly, time is only measured in minutes.
  • Super promotions take place continuously to help players hunt for rewards. Some hot events such as newbie bonuses, periodic lucky money, refunds, VIP clubs, friend referrals,…

Experience in playing cockfighting Philippine New88 is the best

Cockfighting has always been an extremely difficult to access sports betting subject. Now, the online format has made this game even more challenging. If a newbie cocker is determined to conquer the game, don’t ignore the following tips:

  • Make sure you clearly understand the rules and organization of cockfights. You should also research terms to ensure easier exchange or lookup of betting information.
  • Start researching the chicken breeds that WS168 and DIG regularly use for fighting. Their characteristics sometimes help people make wiser bets.
  • Cockfighting odds, like other sports, always fluctuate based on many factors. New wrestlers should monitor regularly and only place orders before the match if these parameters are stable.


Through the above content, cockfighting Philippine at New88 has opened a wonderful entertainment space for cockfighters. Each match is bet on and live with the best quality. Hope everyone registers an account soon to start their own reward hunting journey!

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