Sumo Wrestling Memorabilia

Fans can buy a wide variety of memorabilia. Most fans buy box seats through tea houses, which provide various sumo-related items with their ticket purchase. Some fans buy individual sumo-related items as well, such as cups and plates. Others purchase regattas, the sumo equivalent of an autograph. A regatta is a hand print of a sumo wrestler with his or her fighting name written in a calligraphic style.More Info About Amazon FBA

While sumo is primarily a Japanese sport, foreign wrestlers have also branched out into other countries. In 1970, Takamiyama became the first foreigner to win the top division championship and later went on to win three Ozeki titles. In 1993, Akebono became the first foreign-born Yokozuna. Another notable foreign-born sumo wrestler is Musashimaru, a Samoan born Hawaiian. In 2004, Mongolian wrestler Asashoryu has become one of the top names in the sport.Watch online movies here los movies

Before each bout, the rikishi perform a short ritual. The ring is decorated with shinobi, a ceremonial mask worn by the top rikishi. The yogi then tells the wrestlers when the bout is about to begin. The entire preparation process takes about four minutes for all rikishi. The final bout is called a ‘yokozuna’.  click here for more Y2meta com

A sumo wrestler must get his opponent to touch the ground before he or she can win. Often, sumo wrestlers use their mawashi belt or neck to grab their opponents and throw them out of the ring. However, they are not allowed to use their fists. Additionally, sumo wrestlers cannot use their groin areas in the fight, as they will lose the match immediately.More Info About Liver Health

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