You have finally fixed the wedding date. You know it and can feel this rush of emotions rushing through your veins. No matter what, it’s your wedding. It’s all about you. You want it to go exactly like your plan. All those ideas you have created in your mind, that velvet box hidden somewhere in your wardrobe with snippets of everything that you want your wedding to be like.  Nothing can go wrong, and it should not. 

From choosing the best wedding venue Singapore, to how you want it to be decorated, and the most important thing is your wedding outfits. However somewhere, in between putting all your thoughts in these you forget to pay attention to the most important detail that will bring out the entire look. Your bridal Jewellery set. To look like nothing but a majestic princess you need to make sure that you pick the right jewellery set for your wedding that makes you look different but at the same time goes with your overall look and brings out your personality.

Here we have enlisted some of the most important tips that will make sure nothing goes out of plan:

1. Make sure you choose your dress before jewellery- when you have finally found the dress that makes you scream ‘this one you are halfway done with the process. You can always alter your bridal jewellery according to your outfits, select them with keeping your outfits in mind. The colours that you want and do not require. Most importantly, if you have selected a wedding outfit that is heavy and detailed in work, you would want to go for something simple on the jewellery part and vice versa. In the end, you want your jewellery to add to the entire look and not be the single piece of attention.

2. You do not want to go overboard on your jewellery- Remember the mice working together to build a beautiful ball gown for Cinderella?  You want every element to work together, complementing each other to bring out your entire look. Going way overboard with jewellery will mess up the entire look. Too many metals do not go well with each other, making the entire look heavy. You want to choose one metal that goes with your skin tone, tones with your dress and choose all your wedding jewellery according to it and also too many colours in your jewellery can drain out attention from your dress. It will be best if you are caring for that as well so that it ensures uniformity. For example, if you have a wheatish skin tone you might want to go for Kundan Jewellery/ stone Jewellery/ Platinum Jewellery.See all information about mbc 2030

3. Looking out for your fabric and jewellery: when you select your dress you are well aware of its fabric, and what materials have been used.  You want to remember the details while choosing your jewellery. You would want to look for a sharp edge that might get stuck with your fabrics and pull-out threads that messes up everything and also to make sure of the quality of the jewellery. If you are searching for bridal jewellery online or perhaps want to rent jewellery online, you would want to do that from trusted sites to ensure good quality because that reflects itself in the photographs as well to the all- gorging eyes of your guests.

4. Matching your neck pieces with your necklace: your wedding jewellery can break or make your look. When you are doing everything to make sure everything is perfect to the very detail you do not want to miss out on your choice of bridal necklace set.  If you have a broad neck you would want to go with something with a broad neck piece while completely avoiding a broad neck piece if you have a narrow, small neck because it will make your neck look smaller. You would want to go for bridal choker sets or smaller neck pieces to compliment you. Similarly, your neckpiece should work with your blouse’s neckline. If you are going for a boat cut, you would want to choose something in long necklace form and if you are going for an elaborate neckline a simple and elegant neck piece perfectly fits. In the end, when you put it all together you want to be nothing but satisfied and happy with it.

5. Choosing your jewellery according to your face type-  this is the most crucial point according to me. Jewellery is supposed to bring your lookout. Your makeup, your dress and most important of all you. Choosing jewellery according to your face type is the ultimate game that changes everything. You want them to highlight you instead of driving all the attention to simply the jewellery piece. Especially your matha Patti and maang tikka. It’s the very first thing on which all eyes are going to fall. You don’t want it to go wrong. If you have a broad forehead, a matha Patti with a broad maang tikka will complement your face. On the other hand, a matha Patti drains out the look with a shorter forehead and makes the face look smaller. Similarly, the lightweight- heavy earring will be serving as the icing on the cake for a heart shaped face helping to fade the narrow chin part and a bridal choker set goes very well with a rectangular face pairing with your long neck. This also goes for bangles, preferably designer bangles with precious stones and nose rings that suit your face. A slim waistband will not only cover your bare torso but will also make you look slimmer and more attractive. Also, going subtle with the ring part works quite well, like if you pair your set with a big round ring on the middle finger and keep the rest of the attention for ‘the diamond ring’.

6. Matching your earrings with your hairstyle- you must check out your hairstyle with your entire look before the whole wedding starts in a roll. Make sure that it is evenly put out as earrings and your hairstyle go hand in hand. The attention should be balanced, not one draining it from another.  For example, a simple, sleek bun goes perfect with heavy earrings while eye-catching plaits and hair-do pairs with minimal studs and voila! Look at you! All set to rock your wedding!

7. Mix matching and repeating jewellery can never go wrong: being clever and choosing a few simple neckpieces instead of one heavy one can go a long way! You can mix, match and repeat them for different occasions and try them out individually as well. This makes sure that you are watching your jewellery out as per the occasion like for your mehndi ceremony you can go for heavy earrings paired with a simple maang tikka so that all eyes avert from your hands while you are still applying the Mehendi. It also makes you wiser to keep the heavy heavy bridal necklace set for the big day.

8. Make sure you are comfortable: if you are comfortable you are more yourself the more confident you are. You need that on your wedding day and for other occasions as well. keeping in mind the long hours and being patient with all the rituals you want to make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing and are happy throughout. Artificial Jewellery for the Bride of top-notch quality can be considered as one of the options to make you breathe throughout every function. 

Once you have made sure to checklist all these you would want to think of the cost, it’s a very genuine concern, you do not want a notification from your bank. If you are not looking forward to investing or keeping something in your locker and reselling with everyday price fluctuations there is nothing pocket-friendly and environment-friendly at the same time as renting bridal jewellery online

Rent n Flaunt comes to your rescue by being the most trusted brand to rent the best designer jewellery online. Each jewellery piece are of high maintenance and the best quality, no one will be able to suspect that it is ‘something borrowed. They have everything ranging from chokers, maharani haar, mang tika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. you name it, you will find it.  Your one-stop destination to fulfil all your wedding dreams without any hassle!

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