Types of bets on basketball

Basketball bets are not too different from other types of sports betting: bookmakers do not invent anything new, but simply adapt to the rules. And these same rules force the same bookmakers to have a completely different attitude to the selection of odds, and players to take the analysis of matches very seriously.

We will tell you what is so unusual in basketball, how to learn how to predict its outcomes and make money on it.

In general, the types of bets on basketball do not differ from bets on football or bets on hockey: the same outcomes, totals, handicaps and halves. But we’ll show how they work with an NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics that ended 111-102.

Outcome Bets

Guess who will win: Cleveland or Boston. Draws in regular time of the match happen very rarely, and when they happen, overtime starts – extra time, so there is still a winner.
For example, the bookmaker denotes the victory of Cleveland with a P1 bet, because he plays on his parquet, signs the victory of the guests from Boston as P2, and puts X on a draw – the majority of bookmakers do the same.

Because of draws, bookmakers divide bets on basketball into two parts: one for regular time only, and the other for regular time and overtime, if any (bets “with OT”).You Get all Info About Guitar
Handicap betting (handicap)

We add or subtract points from the team so that it still wins the match. The handicap can be plus or minus: for example, F1 (+10.5) for the home team and F2 (−10.5) for guests. You can bet in India on specific players, comparing their performance, and on individual quarters or halves of the game, and not only on points – the choice here is as large as in the case of totals.

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For example, we bet H1 (−8.5), and then the score from 111:102 turns into 102.5:102. Since Cleveland still wins, our bet is through.

Like the total, the handicap also has a chip with integers and decimals, so with a handicap of -9 points for Cleveland, which compares the score to 102:102, the money will be returned to us.

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