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Types of Remedies

Listed below are some common types of remedies. A coercive remedy requires the defendant to do something – often an act – that the plaintiff claims is against their interests. Such remedies, such as INJUNCTIONS WITH CONTEMPT POWER, require the defendant to perform a certain act. Another remedy, a decree for specific performance, orders the defendant to fulfill a specific contract obligation. This type of remedy is typically issued only when the subject matter of the contract is unusual.

Depending on the circumstances, there may be more than one type of remedy. In some cases, a breach of contract may entitle the nonbreaching party to a specific amount of monetary compensation. In other situations, there are legal remedies, such as monetary damages, which cover the breaching party’s loss. Generally speaking, compensatory damages (or “actual damages”) are meant to replace the loss that the nonbreaching party suffers as a result of the new movie rom tamilmv

In some cases, the court can order a company to provide housing for homeless people, halt construction of a mine near land, or pay restitution to the victim. Some cases are so successful that the court changes the law or government policy. This “legal precedent” makes it easier for future instances to prevent injustices. The more effective the legal precedent, the greater the chance of a successful outcome. In short, a successful legal action may be the best way to protect yourself against an injustice.Please Visit For Authentication

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