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What is a Gothic?

Goth is an alternative culture with anarchic and nihilistic roots. Its androgyny makes it difficult to appropriate in a primarily masculine culture and its music is difficult to commercially market. Despite these problems, goth continues to function as an artful pose and a critique of our “happy-happy” culture. It is a style of dressing, a way of life and a subculture.

A recent study conducted at the University of Glasgow found that half of teenage Goths self-harm and 47% of them attempted suicide. This ill-defined stereotype is based on ignorance and a misunderstood belief that Goths are obsessed with death, violence, and self-harm. While some Goths are influenced by the dark side of life, there is no corresponding evidence to support such a claim.Visit here PooCoin

While there are many sub-types of goth, the one thing that unites them all is a commitment to self-expression. While this may seem like a limiting factor, many Goths are open about who they are and what their goals are. Goths don’t consider themselves “gothic” in the traditional sense, but they are open to all forms of expression. As long as they can express their feelings, they are considered “goths.”know more here Movies2Watch

Goths are not only attracted to dark and mysterious things, but they’re also drawn to black and red. Their aesthetic preferences are based on deep and dark aesthetics, but they are not necessarily sad or cynical. Goths are also often intellectual, romantic, and artistic realists. While the term may be synonymous with a dress and makeup, it does have many meanings. In fact, a goth is a person who loves to express themselves and express their feelings in a way that is unorthodox and enigmatic.

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