What is crane post? Tips for playing cards to win for newbies

For many beginners, the term crane card is probably still quite unfamiliar? Basically, this game originates from China and is becoming increasingly popular at reputable bookmakers. If you are still curious about this type of betting, please follow the article shared below Kubet.
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Introduction What is crane post?

What is the concept of post crane? This is a game originating from China. After that, it gradually became popular and popular in the US and Canada, including Vietnam.

Basically, this game uses 32 Domino cards made of plastic or wood. Besides, each of these cards will often be engraved with circular buttons in black and red on the same side.

In general, this game is currently attracting quite a large number of gamers to participate at bookies. Because of the appeal and fun it brings, if you want to make more money, you should not miss this game.

Basic rules of playing card game

Understanding the concept of what a crane post is is not enough. If you want to ensure that the process of participating in betting brings an attractive source of income, you must clearly understand its rules. Specifically:

  • First, you should bet an appropriate amount but do not exceed the house’s regulations.
  • Next, the Dealer will deal each person two different Domino cards.
  • The dealer will then calculate the total number of buttons on your cards.
  • At this time, the menu bar will display function buttons for you to choose from.
  • And of course, this crane game only ends when you have made your choice.
  • Finally, the dealer will begin to flip and compare the cards and then announce the winner.

So, what is the concept of post crane? Actually, the rules of the game are not complicated. You just need to place a bet, then the Dealer deals the cards and compares the number of buttons on the face to determine the winner or loser.

What are some terms of bridge?

What is the concept of crane post? There are some basic terms that you definitely need to understand. This helps players participating in the game not violate the rules set by the house. Specifically:

  • Check: If you do not want to increase your bet, you can use this command. In case all players Check, the game ends and node comparison begins.
  • Fold: In case you feel your cards are unlikely to win, use this command to fold.
  • Call: When using this command, you need to bet the amount corresponding to the previous person’s offer.
  • Raise: If you see your hand is high, you can use this command to increase your bet more than the original amount.
  • All In: This is a special order that means you go all in for a game.

How to calculate points in crane test

In addition to understanding the concept of crane cards, what is it? You also need to pay attention to how points are calculated. As follows:
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  • The number of points will depend on the two Domino cards you received.
  • The number of buttons on it is your score.
  • However, 9 would be the highest score and 0 the lowest.
  • If the score is greater than 10, it will be calculated in units.
  • On the contrary, if the score is 10 or 20, it will only be counted as 0.
  • The final winner is when they have the highest score in the table.

What is a good experience in playing crane cards for you guys?

To participate in playing card games effectively and earn huge profits, you need to gain at least some experience. Below are some great tips shared by experts that you can apply in practice. Specifically:

Choose the appropriate bet level

When participating in card games, you should choose a betting table with a suitable amount of money for your budget. This is to help you avoid falling into a situation of leaving the game early and going into debt because of your big appetite.

Know when to stop

What is the highly effective way to play crane cards that you need to apply when participating in betting from experts? Accordingly, you should know how to stop at the right time, without the mentality of trying to get your capital back. Because this only causes gamers to lose all of their existing financial resources.

Increase your bets at the right time

The last tip when playing this card game is to know how to increase your bet at the right time. Accordingly, if you have 7 to 8 points in your hand, then bet boldly. The possibility of winning that game is very high, so don’t miss this delicious opportunity.

Thus, the content of the above article has answered all your questions about the concept What is crane post?? Besides, there are also good playing tips that you can apply, guaranteed to help gamers bring in a huge source of income from their opponents’ pockets.

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