5 Top Savini Wheels for 2023 You Simply Cannot Afford to Miss!

One look at the top players in the uber-niche completely customized aftermarket rim market will tell you just how dominant Savini Wheels is. The demand for aftermarket and non-OEM rims designed for a specific vehicle is rising faster than ever. This corner of the high-end market is populated mostly by clients who drive premium vehicles and even sportscars.

Such customers tend to be extremely difficult to please. They have a great overview of the market in the United States and worldwide. And they understand what they want down to the last lug! Which is why manufacturing bespoke wheels is so difficult, not technologically but in terms of style and aesthetics.

Only a handful of wheel manufacturers are actively involved in this segment, and Savini Wheels leads the pack. It’s followed very closely by such iconic brands like Lexani, Vossen, and BBS of Germany.

Do you want to take home a brand-new set of Savini rims this New Year?

Here are some suggestions that might just get your pulse racing!

The best Savini Wheels for 2023

Like other hallowed brands, Savini refreshes its collection every year. At times, completely new models are added to existing lineups while the most popular models receive facelifts.

Regardless, here are 5 models of Savini you can choose from.

  1. Savini Black di Forza BM-15: The 19-inch BM-15 is one of Savini’s bestsellers. It’s highly recommended by professionals for low-slung premium cars and this specific model is commonly associated with Ferraris and Lamborghinis, although the BM-15 does an equally fine job on an Acura and coupes too.

The DDT (double dark tinted) BM-15 in glossy black is stunning. With 9 directional spokes and fine machining on the face, the rim is ideal for replacing staid and boring OEMs and adding a few extra points for style.

  1. Savini Black di Forza BM-12: Once you get a taste of this range, it is very difficult to opt for other models! The BM-12 comes in several sizes but the 22-inch matte black models are almost always in demand. These are directional and concave rims, meaning that they will be excellent off-road options.

The BM-12 has 10 spokes and sports a pretty conservative design – considering that it’s meant for upper-crust cars like Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and even those eye-wateringly futuristic Koenigseggs! But their elegance-o-meter almost touches the stratosphere.

Not all retail outlets across these 50 States stock the BM-12; you can perhaps get in touch with established names like AudioCity USA of Santa Fe Springs, CA. Or you can choose to procure them online via Savini’s official website. Note that the 2nd option takes a lot more time.

  1. Savini SV-F4 Staggered: This flow-formed wonder is perhaps the first choice for Tesla fans. For that matter, it is also fast becoming the go-to model for premium EV owners. A few examples of such cars would include Audi E-trons, the BMW-i8, the Mercedes EQS, and Porsche’s all-electric Taycan Turismo.

Yup, even Porsche is gradually shifting to electric variants in a remarkable volte-face!

The staggered SV-F4 model has just recently received a few upgrades, including a beadlock variant and multiple metallic finishes. This flow-formed rim is capable of bearing extra weights at faster speeds and are equally at home on city roads and asphalt trails.

A new variant, the SV-F4 L, was launched some months ago once Savini Wheels realized they had a winner with the SV-F4. The ‘L’ is forged, however, and comes in dual-tone shades. You can now customize these colors to suit your favorite ‘Iron Man’ armor too, if that’s what interests you.

Either way, the SV-F4 retains its flagship position of the SV-F family of lightweight, durable, and wonderfully concave rims that the connoisseur in you will cherish.

  1. Savini SX14 Forged: The ‘SX’ series is second only to Savini’s ‘Diamond’ line in terms of pure elegance and an unabashed ‘devil may care’ style profile. The SX14 takes this philosophy a tad farther. It’s a forged Monoblock piece of superlative engineering at work. Like all SX wheels, the SX14 is ideal for customizations and is sought after by sportscar owners.

The reason why the SX14 is so incredibly popular (apart from the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy at its heart) is its singular aesthetic. These rims have been inspired by the 1960s and ‘70s designs; yet, there is plenty of space to fit in bigger brake calipers and TPMS with ease.

Mix the vintage with the new and you have the SX14 forged rims, a true chameleon. Most service stations and retailers we spoke with recommended this model and agreed that it was the best template Savini currently has for tailormade wheels.

  1. Savini SL-9 Forged: First launched in 2018 as part of the luxury series (SL is Savini Luxury), the SL-9 is widely considered to be one of the most attractive Savini Wheels money can buy. These rims are offered in the most outrageous colors: from teal to candy-pink to bright green and ‘Milan Red.’

These colorful rims are as perfect for vintage vehicles (for the dichotomy) as they are for Nissan GT-Rs and saloons. The best part is that they are light as a feather and minimize your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Wrapping up

Do keep in mind that the market’s overrun with fake Savini Wheels. These forgeries can be a huge threat on the roads. That’s why you should turn to reputed retailers only- without exception!

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