How to play gray chess – Detailed instructions from A – Z

If you are a fan of red and black gambling on online platforms, then you are no stranger to the name Mau Binh. However, not all brothers know how to play gray chess to always win. In the following article, New88 I will give detailed instructions for you to understand, especially Newbies should pay attention.
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How to play gray chess

Gray Poker is a popular and fun card game, often played during family gatherings or on online platforms. This game requires the player’s tactical and calculating skills in synthesizing the best set of three cards. Below are basic instructions on how to play gray chess:

Method of dealing cards

This is an important part of most card games, and the way to play Chinese Poker is also made fair to ensure it is fair to all players. Here is a basic description of how the cards are dealt:

  • All players will be dealt 13 cards equally.
  • The cards are arranged into 3 branches: top, middle and bottom.
  • The first and middle branches have 5 leaves, the last branch has 3 leaves.

How to arrange cards

In addition to how to play the gray card game, arranging the cards into a group is also important: Specifically as follows:

  • The gray army consists of branches such as Mau Dou, Dui, Cu Lu, Sam, Thuy, Loi, Vong and Quartet.
  • Mau bid are individual articles that are not linked to each other.
  • Pair means that in a hand there are 2 cards of the same number.
  • Cu flood includes 1 pair and sam.
  • Sam means there are 3 identical cards in a suit.
  • Pets include 2 pairs.
  • The straight consists of 5 consecutive cards in 1 suit.
  • The box contains 5 cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind consists of 4 identical cards or the same number.

How to play cards

After arranging the hands, players begin to compare with each other to determine who will win. Scores in Mau Binh are usually calculated as follows:

  • If you win 1 chip, you get one point.
  • If you win 2 hands, you get two points.
  • If you get 3 hands, you get four points.

A few things that players need to keep in mind when calculating scores

When playing gray chess, there are some important things that all gamers need to keep in mind:

  • When two people bet at the same time, whoever has the bigger card wins
  • If two people have the same pair, straight, box, and full, then whoever is bigger will win.
  • In other cases, players have the same four-of-a-kind hand, it will also be calculated as above.

Ways to play gray chess to always win

Playing Xi Xiu always wins is a challenge, because this game combines luck and strategy. While there is no way to guarantee complete victory, here are some strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning:
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The importance of each limb in the gray pile

In the way of playing gray chess, the limbs are usually ranked in order from strong to weak: four quarters – barrel – hall – sam – beast – double – mau bid. However, when encountering a difficult strategy, you should combine weak and strong hands together to form a good hand.

Make the most of strong limbs

In the gray army, the four quarters, barrels, and halls are considered the strongest. You should take advantage of arranging them accordingly to hit your opponent’s weak limbs and win points quickly.

Observe your opponents

For all card games, you must pay close attention to your opponents. This will help you know what they have and what their intentions are, thereby making judgments about how to destroy your opponent’s cards.

Take advantage of weak limbs to create strong cards

Although weak hands do not have high value, if you know how to combine them, you will create a strong hand to defeat your opponent. Therefore, you should not ignore this note when playing gray card game.

Remember that gray chess is a fun game, enjoy it and always strive to improve your abilities.

The experience of playing card game is sure to win

Playing card games requires strategy and experience so you can improve your playing ability: Specifically:

  • Arrange the cards in a 3-card, 1-card format.
  • When there are 3 pairs, you should use the method of arranging one pair per limb.
  • Accumulating experience will help you arrange a beautiful hand.

Playing card games requires strategic understanding. Step by step implementing the above experiences will help you become a good card player and win often.

Above is a summary of detailed information aboutHow to play gray chess always win that we want to share with readers. Hopefully this article will be a useful tool for bettors to apply when playing cards on any platform online or in real life.

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