3 Ideal Occupations for People Who Enjoy Travel

Many people enjoy travel in its various forms. For some people, nothing is better than the thrill of the open road and being able to plan a long-distance road trip that takes in multiple routes and sights on the way to the eventual destination. Driving can be a pleasure as well as a necessity and it is something that millions of people from all around the world relish. For other people, travel is not as much about the journey itself; it is the destination that is important.

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This type of person has a personality that thrives in new environments and sampling different cultures and can often be found exploring more remote or exotic parts of the globe. If you have a love of travel in terms of driving or visiting faraway destinations and want to make it a big part of your career, this article will be of significant benefit. In it, three specific occupations are discussed, each of which has a strong focus on a specific type of travel. 

Holiday tour guide

If you have a love of hot countries and exotic destinations and wish to make world travel an integral part of your career, then the job of holiday tour guide could be your ideal occupation. Working with an established tour operator, you will typically spend at least one summer season in a specific foreign country. Your role will be to offer in-depth tours of cities, sights and landmarks near the holiday resort, or long-duration excursions where holidaymakers can focus on specific parts of the country. It should be understood that tour guides do not make a huge basic salary, with fees ranging between $50 to $150 per day. However, if you can speak multiple languages, have in-depth, local knowledge and work in an exceptionally busy tourist area, these earnings can be significantly higher.

Freelance shipping courier

If long-distance driving is your passion, it can be highly beneficial to consider becoming a freelance shipping courier who specializes in delivering shipments to local, regional or national destinations. You will need access to a suitable vehicle, such as a truck that has enough capacity to transport a wide range of goods for the end customer. Freelance shipping couriers have a great degree of flexibility in how and when they work. Several shipping firms will list their shipping work on a free load board which can be accessed by freelance workers. Ensure that you can complete the contract and then bid for the shipping work. If your bid is successful, you will be tasked with the delivery and will receive payment once the job is finished.

Taxi driver

For drivers with a passion for customer service and those who enjoy meeting a wide range of clients, the role of taxi driver could be ideal. As with the work of a freelance courier, there is scope for extremely flexible working patterns, along with the option to be self-employed or to work for an established firm. The work is well paid if you are prepared to commit to busy weeks of work. In America, taxi drivers can earn over $1,000 per week in some of the bigger cities or for larger companies. In short, if you like to meet new people and want to combine this with a love of driving, the role of taxi driver could be an ideal career choice.

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