Drinking at a Cesino

Casinos are businesses, just like any other. As part of their operations, casinos must make money through gambling as well as charging a commission per bet placed – this percentage of each wager placed is known as the Vig or Rake fee and it contributes significantly to casino profits. Alongside gambling entertainments like shows and restaurants are offered.

While many come to a casino to gamble, others also come for its food and beverages. Although it is important to drink responsibly when at a casino, here are a few key things you should keep in mind before ordering your next cocktail.

An important thing to keep in mind when visiting casinos is that they use chips instead of cash to track bets and payouts, making the experience less stressful for players who may worry less about losing large sums of money. Furthermore, it’s possible to exchange chips for cash at casinos; simply ask a dealer “color up” by exchanging green $25 chips for red $5 chips (or vice versa) prior to doing this.

When it comes to casino drinking, most people tend to think of the Martini as their go-to drink, composed of gin and vermouth with olives or twists of lemon for garnish. However, there are numerous other cocktails that will quickly get you tipsy, such as the Screwdriver made with vodka and orange juice for a refreshing beverage or the Sidecar with brandy and citrus flavors; also rum with sugar mixed into its ingredients as a Daiquiri is also another tasty choice!

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