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Currently, the online gaming world is attracting great attention from the gaming community through the inclusion of unique classic games in entertainment experiences. One of the places not to be missed is Fish Shooting King Club. Let’s New88 Follow along to discover the interesting things this game brings.
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Introducing King club fish shooting

Fish Shooting King, originating from the famous game portal Fish Shooting 365, has returned with a completely new image. After a period of absence, Fish Shooting King promises to bring players professional features and the safest environment. Although it has only recently returned, King Club is still attracting more and more participants. The special thing is that here, players have the opportunity to make friends, interact and learn from other fish shooters.

Game rules of Fish Shooting King 

The game rules of Fish Shooting King Club are designed simply to help players easily access and experience. When entering the game, players need to choose a game room suitable for their level. If you are a new player, you can choose the experience lobby with a bet of 0 VND to get familiar with the game. Once mastered, you can move to other lobbies such as casual, professional, and advanced.

When participating in the fish shooting table, players will participate in hunting with other players. First of all, you need to adjust the appropriate bet level and choose a target to shoot. The bonus will be received immediately after you defeat the target. You can also use money to upgrade guns, increasing your chances of taking down bigger fish. In addition, special skills in the game can also be used to assist when needed.

For bonuses, players can see details in the bonus category of Fish Shooting King Club Online. The bonus rate will depend on the type of fish, with the larger the fish, the higher the bonus received.

Review the King Fish Shooting game portal and evaluate important factors

King Fish Shooting is a coin exchange game portal that brings an interesting and outstanding experience with many modern features. There is something special about this game. Read on to find out the detailed answer!

King Club Fish Shooting Website Interface

As soon as you enter the Fish Shooting King game portal, everyone will immediately be conquered by the extremely impressive game interface. The highlight of the design is not too dazzling, even though the main color is red, but still creates a pleasant feeling thanks to the logical and scientific layout. Fish Shooting King’s professional design team has created the most vivid and high-quality images possible. The 4K sound system also contributes to creating a lively, fun and healthy entertainment environment for players.

Deposit rate and bonus payout

Fish Shooting King club implements a 1 for 1 deposit rate policy for all networks, with many different denominations to protect the interests of players. Players can freely choose their network to top up without having to worry too much. Even when using Momo e-wallet to deposit, players will receive an additional 10% of the transfer value, a unique offer that not all game portals have.

Promotion policy

The strong point that helps Fish Shooting King score points in the hearts of Vietnamese fish shooting players is its attractive promotions, including the following incentives:
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Every day, just by logging in, players have the opportunity to immediately receive a Giftcode coin reward code.

Give online gifts every minute, with unlimited Gold. The longer you play, the more attractive bonuses the player will receive.

Appreciation packages for die-hard Fan members with many diverse tasks.

Completing tasks will bring coins and attractive rewards to players.

Absolutely safe security system of Fish Shooting King

All information about security is guaranteed to the maximum by this reputable fish shooting game portal. Players do not need to worry about account hacking and losing money, because the security here is considered the strongest. 


Fish Shooting King Club continues to affirm its position as the most attractive entertainment game today. So, there’s no longer any reason why you shouldn’t download quickly New88 to become ocean champion.

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