The Best NBA teams of season 2022

There are good and bad seasons, so the teams go up and down in the ratings and quotes of bookmakers. Therefore, we can talk about the best only at the moment or about real “monsters”, which one way or another will still return to the top.

You can see it with your own eyes anywhere in the world, and in the Czech Republic, betting on the outcome of a match from an Android or Apple phone is now very simple if you go to

And this article will help to understand the question of who betters should pay attention to.

Unexpected Utah Jazz

The team has surprised everyone since the beginning of the season. She goes undefeated and managed to defeat very reputable clubs, for example, the Nuggets. Such an unexpected breakthrough forced even bookmakers and applications to slightly change the odds. But how long this unexpected success will last remains a big secret.

Boston Celtics: no head coach

So far, the Celtics have been pretty successful. But everyone is worried about how the removal of the main coach will affect. After all, it was he who stubbornly led the club to victory. Therefore, sports forecasts for a place in the standings are disappointing.

Denver Nuggets: the worst is over

Finally recovered from injuries Porter and Murray, who played great with Nikola Jokic. So now it is quite possible to claim victory.

Portland Trail Blazers See Prospects

Team talent Damian Lillard is back in shape. He was able to enter the court at the end of last season and loudly remind himself of himself. Also, do not forget about the other geniuses of the club: Shaedon Sharpe and Anferny Simons.

Minnesota Timberwolves representative old school

Here they prefer the classical approach to the growth and dimensions of athletes. If we do not talk about the championship, then this is the best option for strong middle peasants. At the same time, it guarantees a reliable bet on a place in the tournament and a stable odds with bookmakers.

Atlanta Hawks and her choices

Everything here is incredibly good with protection. It is there that the club stars are located, so it is very difficult to pass them. In addition, they are also able to easily get into the grid.

Golden State Warriors Max Champions

This is the undisputed favorite of the bookmakers in the past season. And they didn’t fail. The team not only reached the finals, but also won the NBA.

Phoenix Suns: young and energetic

There are many beginners in the team, which gives it ease of decision-making and the ability to go to the end.

Memphis Grizzlies

Thanks to the talent of Ja Marant, the team is moving up. So a variant of its rapid rise is possible. Therefore, consider this option when choosing sports betting.

Milwaukee Bucks

Last season, this basketball team managed to win 2nd place in the Eastern Confederation. The club is showing great results in the new tournament. Right from the start, the first 5 games were won. Neither for the fans, nor for the bettors or bookmakers, it was a revelation that Giannis Antetokounmpo became the creator of such a result.

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