The Future of Smart Mobile phone

Despite the huge success of Apple’s iPhone, some tech companies have yet to come up with a device that can replace your cell phone. One of these is the modular phone. This concept allows you to add extra pieces to the phone, such as a speaker or a camera. However, it doesn’t seem like the modular phone will catch on any time soon. In 2015, LG filed a patent for a foldable phone that is transparent. This device could resemble a snap bracelet and roll up into a small package.enjoy more here kannada songs download

The EO1 promises a clean user interface that is controlled from off-screen and updates with new artwork. This is a great idea, but the problem with smart devices is that they can’t be angled perfectly. STAN solves this problem with a design that looks like a Pixar lamp. The EO1 is an example of a futuristic design that promises to make the phone user to look less like a douchebag.more entertain from this jiorockers telugu

While most smartphones already have a camera, new applications are coming out to use the phone’s camera to monitor your health. Whether you need to track your heart rate or how many miles you walk, your Fitbit can help you stay informed. And if you’re a fan of celebrity chef Guy Fieri, you’ll love this concept. You can find a lot more inspiration in this futuristic app.More Info About Beef

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