Supermicro is a designer and manufacturer of server systems. They design, manufacture, and support high-performance Intel-based architecture solutions for data center applications around the globe.

Supermicro designs, tests, manufactures and markets innovative technology solutions that deliver high performance in a compact footprint to meet global requirements for data centers.

Instead of following the trend of larger, louder and more power-hungry servers, Supermicro’s server systems are smaller, quieter and more energy efficient than most solutions in the market.

Cooling solutions

Supermicro focuses on these features as it relates to cooling: design, performance and energy efficiency.


A server system is a complex electronic device with many components. Supermicro’s focus on the quality of its products ensures that these components work properly in the environment of a data center. Their design and testing procedures ensure that Supermicro’s servers can tolerate shocks, vibrations, high levels of dust, moisture and temperature changes. They also emphasize testability which is critical to ensuring a high level of reliability in each product they develop.

Reliability is critical in the data center environment. A server’s reliability and operation should be tested, stored and reproduced by those who will use it to ensure that the system function as intended.

Supermicro’s testing procedures, quality control and certifications of its boards and chassis give data center managers confidence that they are getting hardware that has been proven to operate reliably.


Data center security is an area of concern for almost all managers today. Supermicro has the following certifications in this area:

Supermicro’s BIOS is password protected and they offer a range of security options including Supermicro’s iKVM, remote server management technology that allows users to remotely control and monitor servers.

Supermicro is ISO 27001 certified and also offers a range of security features including Kensington Lock support, USB port disablement, IP lockout capability and power-on passwords.

Data Center Solutions (DCS)

Supermicro offers pre-configured server systems for small to large data centers. These solutions are a consolidation of different components including Supermicro’s rackmount server chassis, fans, power supply units and other components. These pre-configured server systems contain everything needed to get up and running in the data center.

Supermicro also offers a range of standard components to create customized solutions for specific application requirements.


Supermicro markets its products under the brands of Supermicro and C7 Data Centers.

Supermicro has been recognized with many awards including the Intel Innovation Award for motherboard innovation, Japan’s IT Industry Award for Server Innovation and InformationWeek’s 2009 Best of Tech award in the storage category.

Supermicro has been cited as an industry leader by a variety of respected media sources including SC Magazine, Computerworld and Network Computing.

In addition to its headquarters in San Jose, California, Supermicro has a sales office in Tokyo, Japan and three manufacturing facilities: two in China and one in Taiwan.

Supermicro is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the first things we need to tackle before going into this is that Supermicro, as opposed to other OEMs, doesn’t appear to have a lot of data center customers. Despite that, they do market themselves as a DCS provider (ie one who will do most of the heavy lifting for you. In the case of their server, they say they’ll do it with their PDS and DS line of hardware).

While Supermicro has been around for some time, they’re relatively new to our list of vendors and aren’t that well known.

what 5G Ran ix will do

To address the above mentioned points, 5G Ran customized a Supermicro server solution to improve the performance by reducing the operating temperature. By incorporating a very efficient fan with reduced power consumption and a heat-pipe to remove the heat from the system. Also 5G Ran introduced a fanless mode to the system using a heat-pipe.

The result of all these features was better performance and high efficiency without any increase in noise, which is what 5G Ran aimed to achieve.

Also 5G Ran manages to control the operating temperature of the system as it is kept very low, which reduces the power consumption.

We are the only company in the world that designs, develops and manufactures Supermicro servers. We are known for our custom servers.

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