Measuring Instruments Supplier: What Are Different Kinds Available In Market

In this article, we will explain different measuring instruments used in tool rooms and machine shops. These tools you can get from Alibaba measuring instruments supplier

Machine tools:

You can use them for measuring, shaping, cutting, drilling, grinding, and testing materials. The machine tools can be classified as:

  • Horizontal boring machines
  • Vertical boring machines
  • Milling machines
  • Gear shapers and grinders (gear hobbing)
  • Gear shaping machines (gear grinding)


They consist of a scale and a pointer and measure an object’s length, diameter, and circumference. The earliest long-scale dials were made of wood, stone, or metal plates with holes drilled into them. It allows users to measure the length by moving their fingers until they reach their desired measurement. click here for more info from Autodesk

Today, the most commonly used type of dial is a circular plate with numbers printed around its edge in graduations ranging from 0 to 100 yards or meters, etc. Depending on what you’re using it for! The best thing about these types is that they don’t require batteries, so there’s no need to run around trying to find some when yours runs out – just pick up another one instead!


Micrometers are used to measure small distances. They are divided into two types, Absolute and Vernier.

Absolute Micrometers have a fixed spindle that you can rotate using an adjusting nut to move the spindle over a graduated scale. The accuracy of an absolute micrometer depends on how far the measuring rod is from the fixed end of the spindle, and its size determines how accurately you can read it.

Vernier (or digital) micrometers have a movable spindle with a fixed headstock attached, fitted with a non-rotating screw that serves as a linear indexing device on one side. In contrast, moving inside another thread cuts in the stationary body of the micrometer at the right angles to its axis, usually 10 divisions. This type has been around for about 600 years, making them some pretty durable instruments, so if you want something reliable, this might be your best bet!


A caliper is a measuring instrument used to measure an object’s length, diameter, thickness, and radius. It consists of two jaws (or plates) connected by a hinge that opens and closes like a pair of scissors. The calipers are used in engineering and manufacturing industries for measurements where highly accurate results are required.


The gauges are the instruments used to measure the workpiece’s length, diameter, pitch, thickness, and angle. The gauges are also known as micrometers and are used to measure the length of the workpiece.

Plug-gauges measure the internal diameter of holes. They help to check whether a hole is within specification, which is why they are often used in manufacturing. A plug gauge can be a simple round wire tool, or it can be made from plastic or metal and have an adjustable faceplate. It allows you to set up your desired measurement tolerance.


Here we have told you about the measuring instruments supplier. It is a very important tool for manufacturers making any kind of product. There are different types of measuring instruments available at Alibaba which will help you check your product’s accuracy and precision. Engineers can also use it to test their designs before making them in a large-scale production process.

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