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Fish shooting slot for prizes is a game built on the game of big fish swallowing small fish. Currently, fish shooting game not only possesses high technology with many new features but is also an ideal stop for all bettors. If you are interested in this game, please learn more in the article below.

Introducing some of the charms of shooting fish at slot machines for prizes

Fish shooting slot for prizes inspired by the game of the same name. Previously, if you wanted to play games, you had to go to the shopping center to exchange coins and play on slot machines. With the development of new technology, you can play games on electronic devices such as iPads, computers, and mobile phones easily and conveniently.

The game is designed extremely vividly and beautifully, a type of game play with realistic graphics and vivid sound. Since the game’s inception Shoot Fish New88 was quickly loved and sought after by the fishing community. With simple gameplay and many attractive prizes, it has opened up a new betting paradise for players.

Basic rules of fish shooting slot for prizes

Dealer New88 brought to the game a map with countless sea creatures. The task of shooting fish at slot fish for rewards is very simple, players use weapons or guns to shoot fish to earn money. The more fish you hunt, the more bonuses the player will get. The rarer creatures are, the greater their value. In addition, the game also has a leaderboard that allows members to compare their scores with other players.

Great features of fish shooting slot to win prizes

The game has a store with many products, tools, and skills to help hunt fish faster and more effectively, including:

  • Skills include: target, freeze, accelerate, trident, magic eye, bomb, summon, thunder… with prices ranging from 3k to 200k
  • The feature of the item bag in shooting fish for prizes is that gamers can know what items they own and what additional items they need to equip to hunt.
  • All events and tasks in the game are continuously updated for players to grasp and complete the given tasks.
  • The game has an extremely lively background music feature, you can customize the volume level during the game to get the best experience.

Revealing how to play fish shooting slots to win prizes

To become professional fishermen, you need to master the following basic ways to play the fish shooting game.

Apply the whisk shooting strategy

Shooting big fish costs players more coins than hunting small fish. Therefore, the trend of shooting small fish is of interest to fishermen. To catch small fish, the player continuously rotates the gun barrel and shoots bullets at the target.

Shoot the fish as soon as it leaves the table

To save bullets and quickly increase bonuses, hunting fish as soon as they leave the table is a very good strategy. Fishermen need to focus on reloading at the corner of the table and wait for the fish to leave, then shoot immediately to receive many coins.

Focus on small goals

One experience in playing fish shooting slots for rewards should be known as single fish hunting. Because in this game you should use small bullets to shoot individual fish. If you shoot a fish and you lose 3 to 5 bullets but still can’t catch it, you should adjust shooting to other fish so you don’t lose more bullets.

Fire tank ammunition

When shooting fish, gamers should load more bullets to shoot at the fish. The number of bullets lost is not small, but on the contrary, the number of fish hunted is also very large, this helps you receive more bonuses.

Aim and shoot in the head

The biggest weakness of sea creatures in the prize-winning fish shooting game is the head. Understanding this weakness, gamers can adjust the direction of the gun and shoot at the heads of swimming fish. If the player aims and shoots correctly, he can defeat the target quickly and without wasting too much bullets.

Use many types of continuous ammunition

Playing the prize-winning fish shooting game, you need to change many types of bullets continuously from light to strong levels to hunt many big fish. To shoot fish effectively, fishermen should maintain a steady shooting speed.

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Experience in making money in shooting fish and exchanging prizes

To hunt fish effectively and receive great rewards, fishermen need to clearly understand the rules of terminology and symbols in the game. Choose the appropriate bet level, take full advantage of the free features of the game. In addition, you regularly follow events, tournaments or promotions to have the opportunity to receive great rewards.


Above are the details Shoot Fish reward slots, It is a simple form of entertainment but offers the opportunity to receive great rewards. For new players who are still struggling to find a game that suits them, this is the best suggestion.

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